"...Deb provided and excellent program and wove themes of humor, grief, spirituality, joy, life and death into the presentation. Deb helped us learn to laugh and cry and reach deep into our hearts to understand our common humanity. The meditation at the end of the program is beautiful and inspirational. I highly recommend Deb for any program where there is a need to uplift and affirm the invincible human spirit."

-Sharon Monday-Dorsey
Coordinator of the Self Help Center of Family service, Champaign County, Illinois
Collaborator and attendee at Art of Healing workshops sponsored by the Mills Breast Cancer Institute of Carle Foundation Hospital and Self Help Center of Family Service

A few short years ago, I was feeling  depressed and " at the end of my rope." My family and I decided to attend Red Ribbon Trails Camp. The next morning, Deb , comes  walking toward us with a smile on her face the size of Texas . In a short conversation, and  a brief moment, we lost our depressed state and for the first time, we not only smiled, but laughed. She then invited us to listen to her class,  and that was  best decision WE could have made. Deb spoke from her heart,  kept our attention with her warm and gentle smile , calm voice and wisdom of coping daily with the stress of living with HIV/AIDS.  Oh yeah!! Did I mention that when we met Deb, she was dressed as a CLOWN!!!
Red Ribbon Trails Camper  ( name withheld due to confidentiality) an Illinois camp for those that infected and affected with HIV/AIDS

"I am in recovery and using humor in the classroom reminds me I am still human. No matter how lost, serious or tenuous my situation is, I can still laugh. If for that one hour (that Deb is teaching) I am laughing instead of crying or hating myself, maybe, eventually I'll learn that laughter feels better to my body and soul than self loathing."

-Anonymous (due to confidentiality)
Recovery Client   -  Prairie Center Health Systems, Inc.

"Deb is a wonderful teacher and  supportive guide.  Deb brings a level of energy, authenticity, and deep wisdom into her work that I've seldom seen in any context. She serves as a shining example of how to work with  people at the utmost margins of society and is truly an inspiration to me in my own community work. I am genuinely encouraged that, in this day and age, we have people like Deb Hart doing good in the world."
-Benjamin Hidalgo, MA

Debbie Hart is a person of many talents and tireless energy. When she assumes a responsibility, she gives it her all, and then some, to accomplish her goal of perfection.  I have known Debbie for many years and have had the pleasure of attending and working with her on conferences.  Hearing her present is like a breath of fresh air.  She fills the room with radiance and laughter and brings her audiences together in a positive and moving way.  She has a diverse background which is helpful in working under all types of circumstances.  She would be an asset to any type of meeting, convention or conference as a planner or a guest speaker. 
Mary R. Garvey, RN, CLL   President of the Rainbow Express    St. Louis, Missouri      marygarvey13@yahoo.com

Working with Deb Hart is always a joy. Her quick wit and caring spirit always lightens my day. Working with her on an AATH conference was one of the easiest "jobs" I've ever had. She was organized, worked hard to make things come together, made me feel as if my input really mattered, and made what could have been stressful, fun. I was impressed with her creativity and her ability to make the audience laugh with her costume and comments.
Enid A. Schwartz, RN, PhD
Member of AATH and author of Humor in Healthcare: The Laughter Prescription, a continuing education text.

Debra Hart spoke at our Relay for Life Survivor Dinner  and did an absolutely wonderful job.  She got everyone  involved in her program, made us all laugh, relax, and helped us celebrate our lives.  I would  highly recommend her as a speaker.  She just bubbles with joy.
-Sara Starkey
Committee Chair -  American Cancer Society Survivorship Committee
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"Deb Hart is all heart...and more. She is funny too. What could be better than comedy laced with compassion. If you want to learn about humor for the mind, body and spiritual wellness, then as the song says, 'you've got to have Hart.'
-Allen Klein, past president of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor and Author of The Healing Power of Humor and the Courage to Laugh.
Pick up a copy of Allen's video. Featuring Deb Joy Hart in laughter.
Deb Hart brings a dynamite combination of warmth, expertise, uplifting spirit, dogged determination, and sky-high enthusiasm to everything she does. What more could you ask for?
-Steve Wilson,
Founder, Cheerman of the Bored World Laughter Tour, Inc.   Director of National Humor Month (April)
"This is the most fun I have ever had, taking pictures"
-Amy , Photo Specialist at Wal-Mart ,  Urbana, Illinois

"...There was some skepticism when we originally promoted you coming in, but you were a resounding hit! Your personal testimony brought your message to heart and provided warmth that is not often felt in this type of presentation setting. You filled it to the brim with laughter and heart."
-Marilyn E. Pansa
Accountant   -  Mental Health Center of Champaign County, Inc.

"Deb has been an inspiration to the many men that have been fortunate to participate in her weekly groups at the T.I.M.E.S. Center; program for homeless men. She brings a refreshing twist through storytelling, play and humor that our men not only find enjoyable but an atmosphere that encourages interaction, participation and preparation for independent living."

-Gail Elkins
T.I.M.E.S. Center specialist   -  Mental Health Center of Champaign County, INC.
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